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Jimi Phgura, 38, executing musician, and Simran Dhiman-Phgura, 38, freelance hair stylist, Hertfordshire


I have usually used traditional clothing – I adore the textiles and fat that outdated clothes have actually. Expanding upwards, I was introduced to them by my older buddy, whom we do with because the
Twilight Players
– we dance to music from ska to Prince to Stevie Wonder, and we usually use initial clothing: the two-tone brogues, the baggies. I’ve had my quiff since I ended up being 13; Jimi the Quiff is really what they give me a call.

Once I was actually growing upwards, I used to get countless trouble if you are into classic stuff. When I’ve got earlier i have considered, no, it’s advisable that you be different. And being with Simran has given me even more confidence to dress this way. It generates it a lot more exciting to have each of us putting on it, rather than her using tracksuit bottoms or something like that.

I’ve been alert to united states dressing equally since we got together in 2005. Whenever we went, individuals would say, «Oh, you guys seem remarkable.» Nevertheless wasn’t until last year, as soon as we made a decision to start selling countless all of our stuff to invest in a visit to Thailand and performed Portobello market, merely then did I think, oh, people really look the design. People would see united states collectively and take images.

I really don’t truly notice it as partners dressing; it’s not as though we stay with each other and think about what we’re going to wear. Nine times out of 10, we simply become wearing a thing that suits or balances one another. Yet again we’ve got a child on the way, we have now begun noticing child vintage stuff; I didn’t realize existed before.


I am an used king, I like to go shopping on eBay as well as the apps, from
. The 50s and 1960s are my favorite eras, but today, because I’m pregnant, i am performing flowy seventies style to allow for my growing bump.

We shape both. Jimi features a good vision and I also’ve got a good attention, therefore we would ask both for information. Easily’m planning to a marriage or something like that, We’ll prepare my ensemble. We’re of Indian origin whenever i am wearing a vintage sari, he’ll attempt to complement it with a vintage suit in comparable tints. But we never deliberately fit. Its sweet often. It just hinges on the feeling i am in – occasionally you dont want to resemble your husband.

The child will not fundamentally look corresponding; however, if I’m dressed up in a timeless getup, i would dress the child in one, too.

Malcolm Mackenzie (in bluish leading), 43, editor of We appreciate Pop magazine, and Matthew Wilkinson, 35, designer, London

‘It appears like we are through the exact same cult or boy band.’

Photo: Harriet Turney/The Guardian


Matt and that I currently venturing out for 13 decades, but we most likely only started initially to outfit more similarly as soon as we relocated in collectively eight years ago. I happened to be a lot more slight before.

We’ve grown to just like the same situations. I really like 80s-inspired things, from
Duran Duran
Miami Vice
Harrison Ford as Deckard in Blade Runner
is a key look, as is
Kurt Russell in Overboard
Richard Gere
in everything. I prefer clothing that evoke recollections, of any occasion, as an example. We’ve got racks of incredible tops that conjure up the Mediterranean and/or Riviera, but through prism on the 80s. Its an enjoyable closet.

We aren’t matchy-matchy – if I’m dressed in a jacket with a pet on, and he’s sporting a sweater with a dog, then it’s slightly much. I don’t desire united states going out looking like overgrown twins or only a little Britain sketch. Sometimes I state, «we can not both head out using a denim shirt», like
Britney and Justin
. And that I do not want people to believe, because I’m a few years older than Matt, that it’s a Henry Higgins/Eliza Doolittle thing, or
and his awesome chauffeur. In my opinion it seems like we’re through the exact same cult or boy musical organization: we’re not dressed identically but we would make sure we look OK collectively.

We are able to share clothes merely through the waist up – You will find legs like spaghetti, he comes from a household of rugby users. We do not share underwear for the very same cause.


For the 80s,
Peter York
a novel about various people
: one of these ended up being Babytime, or people who like childish situations. We possibly may like a sweatshirt with Bambi upon it, or primary tints. To declare that we both like lovely things is a little simplistic, but our company is rather foolish. We are both thrilled to end up being somewhat ridiculous.

Colour-blocking could be the main thing that defines the way I dress. Regarding the things I put on, it’s actually pretty standard. I’m not stirring up manner insanity with culottes or such a thing like that – it really is more info on the tints therefore the textures.

Malcolm might be quite wilder than i’m, much more bold. He’s lots of zeitgeisty tradition statement tees. He is had gotten a
Golden Girls
one that i might never use – not too he’d ever I want to. Once I was a kid, I would personally usually get my mum purchase myself situations – orange trousers or silly rainbow jumpers – and then I would personally be as well afraid to put on all of them. Malcolm gave me personally the confidence to put on the thing I want.

Ben Langlands, 62, and Nikki Bell, 58, both Turner-nominated designers, London and Kent

‘I would personallyn’t return and alter whenever we happened to be as well matching.’

Photograph: Harriet Turney/The Guardian


We’ve been working together for forty years, so I would speak about what we use as a «we». We are musicians and artists, therefore we’re absolve to select whatever we want to wear; we do not must satisfy other’s expectations.

Work is all of our major top priority, therefore we dress become useful and comfy. We usually put on trousers and white tops, sometimes meets, or a jacket with jeans. We’ll put on a single-coloured shirt, like red or bluish, with denim jeans. Neither folks ever wears dresses – it is usually t-shirts and pants.

From the when, when I very first got to know Nikki, we visited the parents of a youth friend of hers in addition they showed all of us a Super 8 film regarding girl’s twelfth birthday party. There had been in regards to 30 girls in frocks and another daughter in red flared trousers. That has been Nikki.

We never make an effort to fit, it just occurs obviously. But we’re not terribly self-conscious regarding it. I really don’t imagine there is actually something i’d wear that she’dn’t, or vice versa. It is all quite androgynous.


My personal clothes are very simple to put on, cleanse, pack, keep. I’ve for ages been a trousers person.

We met at art class in 1977 and began collaborating in 1978. Once we initial met up, I do not think I found myself attentive to the similarities in how we dressed. We came with each other through all of our work – a piece called The Kitchen, in two halves. I made the outdated cooking area and Ben this new; they certainly were mirror photos of each and every some other.

I would personallyn’t don’t fit – its a person decision and I wouldn’t get back and alter whenever we had been as well matching. In the event that’s what we both desired to wear, next that’s what we’re using.

Langlands & Bell’s

Internet Giants: Experts for the World

opens during the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham in March 2018.

Brittany Bathgate, 27, writer, and Dean Khalil, 32, builder/artist, Norwich

‘She’s too small for people to share with you, but We have worn ladies clothes in earlier times.’

Photo: Harriet Turney/The Guardian


We were actually various once we 1st came across. Dean ended up being into DIY clothing – he’d color their own T-shirts, cut all of them upwards, create in it. I became massively into
Alexa Chung
, very my design had previously been very indie It girl – many blazers, brogues, peacoats with miniskirts. It actually was slightly 60s – sometimes i might put on my tresses in a tiny beehive.

In 2013, we moved going and spent annually in Australia. Before we went away, we don’t outfit equally, but anything turned: after a few several months of living around the coastline, provide on using anything good and just inhabit short pants and a vest away from necessity. Thus by the time we arrived house, we had a blank slate, clothes-wise, and got to start building the wardrobes straight back from abrasion.

We’re quite aware of all of our partners dressing – we carry out usually have to ask what the various other is actually using therefore we’re not as similar. Occasionally whenever weare going down, I’ll have outfitted and Dean will be similar, «Oh,


would definitely put on my bluish coat.»

My looks are rather neat and traditional. I find it fun to experience about with pairings of classic pieces with, state, some crazy, wide-legged trousers. Dean’s much more crude round the edges. His skateboard looks are as well dirty in my situation. We iron everything and was very particular.

We both have lots of stripy surfaces, navy jackets, similar Levi’s. I always been stimulated by men’s room garments, but seek out a women’s variation – because I’m very tiny I can’t really put them on.


I really like countless traditional British style – tags like
Fred Perry
and therefore sort of 60s seem that is fixed yet not installed.
This Will Be The United Kingdomt
is an excellent design research.

Nine years back, once we first met, we had been both at artwork college and I also was a little more flamboyant. During the early times of all of our union, We familiar with put on these black colored jeggings with bleach to them. I’d some large builder’s footwear. Our tastes have altered, in similar path – we have expanded together. Occasionally we’re going to actually have a similar outfit on.

Brittany’s a touch too tiny for all of us to share clothing, but i’ve worn women’s clothes prior to now. We always put on ladies’ denim jeans – whenever I ended up being more youthful I couldn’t get jeans tight sufficient.

But I additionally have lots of clothing that Brittany wouldn’t put on. I have
which can be about eight years of age; when white and from now on brown. I love all of them, but Brittany don’t wear footwear after they’ve had gotten a mark in it. Daily whenever boots come off, these are generally stuffed and go-back inside the package on the rack. Every thing gets ironed.

Joel Bird, 42, carpenter/author of
The Publication Of Shed
, and Sara Chew, 37, visual designer/illustrator, London

‘We drifted together, however consciously – I can’t remember actually ever considering, I would like to outfit like Sara.’

Photo: Harriet Turney/The Guardian


We class my personal design as 30s/40s. My loved ones thinks that I dress slightly like
Indiana Jones
. I didn’t attempted to dress along these lines, but i desired useful clothing for carpentry, while the high-waisted trousers with braces are comfortable. Plus Im into that period – i prefer jazz, and dance move and

Also at school we dressed up rather abnormally – I for ages been thinking about craft. As a lad in Liverpool, i usually had a sewing equipment, now i actually do earn some of my personal clothing. I purchase dungarees from e-bay or secondhand sites like
and cut the tops off to cause them to into high-waisted jeans. I usually purchase outdated army braces since they are more powerful than style braces.

Sara and that I have been together for 11 years and residing with each other for nine. I believe until about five years before, Sara dressed more classic than i did so, next we types of drifted together, yet not consciously. I very nearly do not like the concept of dressing the same as my personal lover – it’s my paranoia during the insufficient self-reliance. But it’s unavoidable – you’re taking impacts from both.

We carry out often share clothes. Sara steals my personal material, and when i am desperate i could wear the girl pants; it’d have to be a bad wash time.


In my opinion Joel and I also came to dress similar because both of us like items that are useful and well-crafted.

I am distinctive from Joel because I’m entirely happy for us to dress the exact same; I’m a graphic designer and illustrator, and I like things to hunt right. When we just go and we look similar, if you ask me that is good, because we aren’t clashing. I’dn’t make you go out in matching shellsuits, though.

I have been dressed in classic stuff my life time. Personally it’s about the direction they fit – as a result of the kind of human anatomy I got, I don’t fit plenty of modern-day clothes. It is more about the cut, the fabric – and also the undeniable fact that they last better.

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